Alan Furley Events (Up the Downs, Down the Ups)

Saturday 16th June 2018, starting from Beech Hill , South of Reading
These are serious events, of 200km (125 miles) or 106km (66 miles), and the longer event in particular requires considerable stamina. Entrants are expected to be experienced cyclists, familiar with riding the distance, and able to carry out routine simple repairs should they be needed. It is wise to carry several spare inner tubes and the means to deploy them. There is no mechanical support on the ride, and no roadside event signage.

The events are not races. Please avoid doing anything that could spoil the events - be friendly and courteous to all those you meet on the ride (including drivers, horse riders and pedestrians) and act as an ambassador for audax and cycling generally.

As with most of the country, the state of repair of the roads can best be described as poor. Riders should not assume that any lack of comment on the routesheet about road surface means that the surface is good. It is the responsibility of all riders to take suitable care.

If this is your first audax experience, you may find Notes for Audax novices helpful.

Any queries about the events should be directed to the organiser, Nick Clark ( or 07866 033 638)

To enter see the AUK website for the 100 and the 200. On-line entry is available (with payment via PayPal - note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this facility). It will be possible to enter on the day, but note that (a) the entry fee will be £10 (including £2 temporary AUK membership unless you can show you are an AUK/CTC member), (b) may cause you to start later than the main field as my priority will be to those who entered in advance, and (c) while I always order what I expect to be enough Brevet cards, I cannot guarantee to have spares on the day.

Alan Furley's Up the Downs 200 km - start time 08:00
Controls at HERMITAGE, SHRIVENHAM and ASHMANSWORTH, plus 5 information controls. 

The garden centre at Hermitage has a cafe. Its location is poor, but there is a rear patio eating area and courtyard for the cafe where cycle parking is relatively secure. To get to it riders will have to push their bikes through the "Main Entrance" and follow between plant displays until just past National Trust pot display, then right again, past the garden room/ shed showrooms, then (after the Crane showroom) right again into the cafe patio area, where bikes can be left and entry made directly to the cafe. Exit is the reverse. There is clearly plenty of scope for interaction with garden centre customers only there to buy plants and pots (!) so please be considerate. And please DO NOT TRY TO ENTER THE BUILDING VIA THE EXIT. 

The Prince of Wales in Shrivenham is familiar with providing quick and simple (usually pasta but they have a full menu) meal for riders.

The Ashmansworth control is in the village hall, where hot or cold drinks and cakes will be available (riders of previous editions should note the change from Faccombe). The gap between Shrivenham and Ashmansworth is long - riders may consider making an additional stop in the village of Ramsbury

Start Time: 08:00
Fee: £7.00 (£6.00 when paying via PayPal)
Speeds:15 - 30 kph Total Climb: approx 2250m
gpx file and route sheet below.
The route can also be viewed and downloaded:

Alan Furley's Down The Ups 100km - start time 09:00
Controls at HERMITAGE and BALL HILL, plus 6 information controls. 


Please read the notes above regarding the Hermitage garden centre control


The Ball Hill control is also a garden centre where access is more straightforward, with cycle stands outside.

Start Time: 09:00
Fee: £6.50 (£5.50 when paying via PayPal)
Speeds:15 - 30 kph Total Climb: approx 1050m

Finish by: 16:08
gpx file and route sheet below.

The route can also be viewed at:

Beech Hill Village Hall, RG7 2BE (start/ finish)

Beech Hill village is south of Reading. Leave M4 at J11, and follow A33 Basingstoke. Straight across first traffic-light junction, keep in right-hand lane and shortly right at traffic lights. Immediately left at mini-rbt. Towards the end of Grazeley village turn left for Beech Hill. Continue along this road until the crossroads next to the church, where straight across to village hall on left.  


Car parking is available at Beech Hill Village Hall.

Please park tidily and use the space efficiently.


Rail services

Reading station is an 11km ride from the start, albeit requiring some fiddly navigation, much of it through the town. Mortimer station is closer to the start (4.6km). Trains leave Reading Station for Mortimer at 07:06 (for the 200km ride) and 08:03 (for the 100km ride).

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