Harlequin Hack

"A modest excursion into the Cotswold hills followed by a gentle wander through the watery lanes of the upper Thames, the Evenlode and the Windrush."

This 110km audax starts and ends at the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington, Oxfordshire. Traditionally run in April next year's event will probably take place on Sunday 19th April 2020.

This audax is organised by Corallian Cycling Club who inherited it from The Harlequins Cycling Club (hence the name) who were no longer able to organise the event. Corallian CC are grateful to Ken Knight of The Harlequins for his support in keeping this audax on the calendar.

The ride originally started at the village hall in Northmoor and Uffington was the final control but the ride was altered when The Harlequins could no longer run it. The route is almost exactly the same though and still goes past the hall in Northmoor on the outward leg.

The Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington has a large car park and a village shop adjacent. The nearest railway stations are Swindon (22km) and Didcot Parkway (26km). There is a campsite at Britchcombe Farm just a few km away.

There are two controls and one information control on the audax. The first control is at The Cogges Kitchen near Witney after 35km - housed in the Milking Parlour of the Cogges heritage centre this independent artisan café uses local and seasonal produce. The second control is at The Old Mill Coffee House in Chipping Norton after 59km - a popular cyclists' café in the beautiful Cotswold market town which offers an extensive breakfast and lunch menu.

The organisers provide refreshments in Uffington at the start and end of the audax. Before you set off there will be a selection of tea, coffee, squash, biscuits, malt loaf and bananas. On your return there will be home made cakes, sandwiches, crisps and more.

Pre-entry is preferred via the Audax UK website, we can accept entries up to the evening before the event but earlier entry to enable us to judge the amount of catering required is preferable. If we have any brevet cards left we can accept entries on the day on a first come first served basis.

History of the Harlequin Hack

Year Date Start Finishers
2019* 14th Apr Uffington 84
2018 8th Apr Uffington 112
2017 9th Apr Uffington 75
2016 10th Apr Uffington 41
2015 12th Apr Northmoor 59
2014 13th Apr Northmoor 58
2013 28th Apr Northmoor 54
2012 Cancelled due to high winds
2011 10th Apr Northmoor 33
2010 11th Apr Northmoor 50
2009 19th Apr Northmoor 64
2008 13th Apr Northmoor 53
2007 15th Apr Northmoor 49
2006 9th Apr Northmoor 49

* Entries limited to 100. Several rides disqualified for not riding in accordance with Audax UK regulations.

Route of the Harlequin Hack

There are no route changes planned for 2019. You can extract TCX and GPX files from the Ride with GPS widget below. The latest routesheet is available in Google Docs.