Events in the Thames Valley area

Here are the currently-published events in the (somewhat loosely defined) Thames Valley area.  Events in this area are organised by Willesden Cycle Club, Audax Club Hackney, ReadingCTC, South Bucks CTC, North Hants CTC and some by private individuals.  You can be sure of the same high standards across all of the events.

Most of the events are annual, on the equivalent weekend each year.  Where event details below show a date in the past, it is because (at the time of the last update to this listing) details of the next event have not been published.

For a list of all UK Audax events currently planned for the next 12 months, see AUK Events listing 

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DateEventLocationDistanceEntry formEvent page
DateEventLocationDistanceEntry formEvent page
11 March 2017 Kennet Valley Run Grazeley, S of Reading 202 km  AUK link Kennet Valley rides 
11 March 2017 Kennet Valley 100 Grazeley, S of Reading 100 km  AUK link Kennet Valley rides 
25 March 2017 The Dean Oxford 307 km AUK link  
1 May 2017 Chilter Roads - Take Me Home Ruislip 100 km AUK link Mayday Chiltern 
1 May 2017 Mayday Chiltern Bang Bang Ruislip 200 km AUK link Mayday Chiltern 
3 May 2017 Dinton 100 Dinton Pastures, Winnersh, S of Reading 103 km AUK link Dinton 100 
14 May 2017 Blowingstone Uffington, W of Wantage 106 km AUK link Blowingstone 
17 June 2017 The Rural South ????, S of Reading 300 km AUK link Rural South 
17 June 2017 Alan Furley's Down the Ups ????, near Reading 107 km AUK link Furley Events 
17 June 2017 Alan Furley's Up the Downs ???? Hill, near Reading 200km AUK link Furley events 
26 August 2017 Old Roads and Drove Roads Sparsholt, W of Wantage 200 km AUK link  
30 September 2017 Henley Hilly Hundred Sonning Common, N of Reading 100 km AUK link Henley Hilly Hundred 
14 October 2017 Less Anfractous  Chalfont St Peter 200 km AUK Link  
14 October 2017 AAAnfractous Chalfont St Peter 200 km AUK link  
14 October 2017 Nyctophobic 100km Chalfont St Peter 100 km AUK Link  
4 November 2017 Upper Thames Cholsey, E of Didcot 212 km AUK link Upper Thames 
9 December 2017 South of Bucks Winter Warmer Beaconsfield 200 km AUK link South of Bucks Winter Warmer  
6 January 2018 Poor Student Oxford 206 km AUK link Poor Student 
20 January 2018 Willy Warmer Chalfont St Peter 213 km AUK link Willy Warmer 
5 May 2018 London Wales London Chalfont St Peter 407 km AUK link London Wales London 
Showing 20 items