Welcome to the home of Audaxing in the Thames Valley.  It will be immediately obvious that the creator has little experience in website creation!  It is hoped that this will become a central resource for audaxes emanating from within the Thames Valley area.

The "site owner" is Phil Dyson, who can be contacted via philipmdyson (at) btinternet (dot) com.  However, the individual event pages are maintained by the relevant event organisers - any questions about the content of any of the event pages should be directed to them in the first instance.  Any event organiser wishing to add their event, or to add details to an event already listed here, should contact Phil Dyson

This is me (on the right, riding my Roberts on the 2012 Chevy Chase.  My companion in the picture is Richard Betts)

Go to Calendar for a list of local events, or straight to a named event in the panel on the left.